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Action Verbs - Grade 2



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Action Verbs - Grade 2

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Primary students usually learn that verbs are"action words." At these early grades, this is enough information. Keep a list of action verbs in your classroom and add to them to help students develop their vocabularies. Please see below for a selection of Leveled Lessons for Below Level (basic), and/or On Level (median), and/or Above Level (competent) students.
Pack Contents

At Level

Verbs (Grade 2)
(Test Prep)

Time for Action: Activity Page (Verbs)
(Assessment FormWorksheet)

Verbs: Identifying

Time for Action: Activity Page - Verbs
(Learning ActivityWorksheet)

Above Level

Said She, Said He: Activity Page - Exact Words
(Learning ActivityWorksheet)

Verb: Identifying

Banana-Rama - Choosing the Correct Verb
(Learning ActivityWorksheet)

Teaching Tips

To help students learn the meaning "action verb," have them simply act them out for you. Have all students stand on one side of the room. Have them walk across to the other side. Now have them run; now jump, now hop. Continue to think of fun ways to show the action of moving in the classroom. Have students make their own suggestions. They will surely come up with "twirl, tiptoe and crawl!" Keep these words on your word wall so students will use them in their writing. Continue to add to your list as the school year progresses.