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Cause and Effect - Grade 3



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Cause and Effect - Grade 3

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"Cause" is the reason why something happened like it did. "Effect" is what happened as a result of the cause. Of course, this is too complicated for beginning readers, so the easiest way to ask these questions is to simply ask, "Why?" and "What happened next?" "Why did the mouse run into his mouse hole?" (He ran because he saw a cat. His flight was caused by the presence of the cat.) "What happened next?" (The cat was still hungry. This was an effect of the mouse going into his home.) Keep the questions simple to get to the heart of "cause and effect" reasoning without confusing the child. Please see below for a selection of Leveled Lessons for Below Level (basic), and/or On Level (median), and/or Above Level (competent) readers.
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Teaching Tips

Most primary stories lend themselves to ?cause and effect? questions, but we need to remember to simply ask primary students ?why? ? and ?what happened next?? rather than confuse them with terms they cannot understand. Read a simple story such as Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola. Then ask the students some ?why? (cause) and ?what happened next? (effect) questions: Why did Big Anthony decide to use the magic pot? (He used it because he did not listen to Strega Nona. This is a cause.) What happened next? He got into big trouble when Strega Nona came home. This was an effect of not listening.) Why didn?t the pot stop making pasta? (It didn?t stop because Big Anthony did not see Strega Nona throw the kisses. This is the cause. ) What happened next? (The pasta filled up the house and the whole town. Pasta all over the town was an effect of not seeing her throw the kisses.) Why did Strega Nona give Big Anthony a fork? (She gave him a fork so he could eat all of the pasta. The fact that he made the mess was the cause.) What happened next? His tummy was full and he was probably sick. This was an effect of eating the pasta with the fork.)