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Context Clues - Grade 3



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Context Clues - Grade 3

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Context clues are the elements on the printed page that give the reader hints to the meanings of unfamiliar words or familiar words used in an unfamiliar way. For the youngest children, the illustrations and initial consonants serve as the most obvious and helpful context clues. As they become more advanced readers, students will learn to use surrounding words and sentences for their hints. Please see below for a selection of Leveled Lessons for Below Level (basic), On Level (median), and Above Level (competent) readers.
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Teaching Tips

The most important thing a teacher can do to improve a students' reading is to have them read out loud. Then the teacher can actually hear the child as he or she deals with unfamiliar words or familiar words used in an unfamiliar way. Beginning readers should be taught to look at illustrations BEFORE they begin to read. If the illustrations do not help, teach the child to look next at the beginning sounds of the word. You can help students understand context clues by simply injecting unfamiliar words into your daily conversation. See if they can guess what you mean when you tell them that their desks are in disarray! For a context clue, you can point to a really messy desk!