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Singular and Plural Nouns - Grade 1



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Singular and Plural Nouns - Grade 1

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We used to say that a noun is a "person, place or thing." You can make this easier for students if you list nouns as "persons, animals, places, things or ideas." Nouns can be singular, meaning one, or plural, meaning more than one. Please see below for a selection of Leveled Lessons for Below Level (basic), and/or On Level (median), and/or Above Level (competent) readers.
Pack Contents

At Level

Naming Words - Part 1
(Test Prep)

Singular/Plural Nouns
(Test Prep)

Naming Words - Part 2
(Test Prep)

Naming Words - Part 3
(Test Prep)

Moving Up: Activity Page - Nouns
(Learning ActivityWorksheet)

Above Level

Plural Nouns
(Test Prep)

Teaching Tips

Introduce the term noun by making a chart with the following headings: Person, Animal, Place, Thing, and Idea. Under each heading, challenge students to tell you some words that would fit into these categories. As they say them, list each one in the proper place. Continue this activity for more than one day. When you have long lists, then introduce the term, "NOUN." Use a bright marker and go back to the list and make each word a plural by adding "s" or "es." Circle the words that have irregular plurals such as deer, foot, and goose.