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Verb Tenses - Grade 4



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Verb Tenses - Grade 4

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The word "tense" refers to "time" in grammar. The tense of the verb tells the listener or reader when the action took place. We have six tenses. Present, meaning now, (I am happy.) past, meaning before now, (I was happy.) future, meaning any time after now, (I will be happy.) present perfect, meaning something started in the past and just recently finished or is still going on, (I have been happy.) past perfect, meaning something finished before some other past action, (I had been happy.) or future perfect, meaning that the action will be both started and finished in the future. (I will have been happy.) Please see below for a selection of Leveled Lessons for Below Level (basic), and/or On Level (median), and/or Above Level (competent) readers.
Pack Contents

Below Level

Banana-Rama - Choosing the Correct Verb
(Learning ActivityWorksheet)

An Apple a Day - Choosing the Correct Verb
(Learning ActivityWorksheet)

Verbs: Identifying

Teaching Tips

Generally speaking, if it sounds correct, it IS correct. That is the rule for making sure students are using the correct tense verbs. Be sure that you are always speaking with proper grammar and gently remind students to use the correct words in their writing and speaking. Many students have resorted to text-messaging types of language and television slang. We will be doing them a grave disservice if we do not make a distinction between the kinds of language that are acceptable in and out of school. What is appropriate on the street or at a football game will not get them a job later in life.