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Multiplying by 1 Digit - Grade 4



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Multiplying by 1 Digit - Grade 4

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After students learn their basic multiplication facts, they can begin to do expanded problems with several digits on the top row and one multiplier on the bottom. This is called single-digit multiplication. Make sure students realize that this is a two-step process; they may have to CARRY and add after they multiply. Please see below for a selection of Leveled Lessons for Below Level (basic), and/or On Level (median), and/or Above Level (competent) readers.
Pack Contents
Teaching Tips

After you download and copy some pages on single-digit multiplication, wander around the classroom while your students are working. Stop at each child's desk to see how he or she is doing. Put a tiny sticker or use a marker to make a star beside each problem that they have correct. Put a tiny dot or nothing beside those that are incorrect. Allow students to rework those that did not get the star and stop by their desk again in a few moments. This will give students confidence to continue and can give you the opportunity to see if you need to do some re-teaching on this skill. When you collect the papers to grade, you will only need to grade where you stopped marking.