Math Practice Test: Computation - Grade 3

Grades: 3 | Test Prep | 8 pages
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Math Practice Test: Computation - Grade 3

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This math practice test is designed to help students prepare to take standardized tests. The multiple-choice items closely represent the kinds of questions students will have to answer on "real" tests. Each part of the test will take 30-40 minutes for students to complete.The math skills measured in this test and the types of questions are based on detailed analysis and correlations of the five most widely used standardized tests and the curriculum standards measured by many statewide tests, including the following: Stanford Achievement Test, CTBS TerraNova, Metropolitan Achievement Test, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, California Achievement Test, California's STAR Test, TAAS (Texas), MCAS (Massachusetts), FCAT (Florida), New York.

Teaching Tips

Tell students how much time they will have to complete the test. Encourage them to work quickly and carefully and to keep track of the remaining time-just as they would in a real testing session. You may have students mark their answers directly on the test pages, or you may have them use a copy of the Answer Sheet. The Answer Sheet will help students become accustomed to filling in bubbles on a real test. It may also make the test easier for you to score. Also on the Answer Sheet you will find a Tested Skills Chart. The Tested Skills Chart lists the skills measure in the test and the test questions that measure each skill. This chart may be helpful to you in determining what kinds of questions students answered incorrectly, what skills they may be having trouble with, and who may need further instruction in particular skills.