I Like Me!

Grades: Pre-K-K | | 2 pages
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I Like Me!

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Guided Reading Level C, Grade Level Equivalent 0.5. Welcome to the world of collaborative bookmaking! These fun and simple early writing experiences use favorite picture books as springboards to create delightful class-made books!

Teaching Tips



In this story, a pig celebrates her individuality as she describes her good qualities and the things she likes to do. Read aloud the title. Before reading the story, share something you like about yourself. Next, have children share something they like about themselves. List students’ positive qualities on the chalkboard (friendly, helpful, and so on). After the story, again have children share things that they like about themselves. Did the story help students recognize their own positive qualities?


Writing & Art


Distribute student pages and invite children to draw a self-portrait in the center. Each child should write his or her name in the box below his or her picture. Provide assistance as necessary. Children can use the remaining boxes to create a pictograph representation about themselves. No words are necessary. Children might illustrate their family, friends, pets, hobbies, strengths, and so on. Children can draw a symbol to represent their quality—for example, they might draw a soccer ball to show that they are athletic