Happy Harvest Feast: A Thanksgiving Tale

Readers Theater Script | 5 pages


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Happy Harvest Feast: A Thanksgiving Tale

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This innovative resource provides children with imaginative, fun-filled opportunities to dramatize a story to reinforce their Thanksgiving knowledge.


For more Thanksgiving resources including audio, video, interactive timelines, and readers theater, visit The First Thanksgiving.

Teaching Tips

Invite children to add interest and creativity to their performances with some of these ideas:

  • Provide small groups with a length of bulletin board paper, paint, paintbrushes, and markers. Invite them to create a background for the story. You might also provide boxes for children to decorate and use as props, such as for the treesand bushes around the field.
  • Ask children to make costumes and gather props to use in their performance of the story.
  • Encourage each group of children to practice using emotion and expression as they perform their parts. Demonstrate how they might use their voices, gestures, and other actions to emphasize a particular emotion or attitude.
  • As children become more familiar with the story or play, invite them to add sound effects—such as the children running across the field, Sarah talking out of breath, and the boys clapping out a beat—to make their performance more interesting and realistic.