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Area and perimeter - Grade 4



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Area and perimeter - Grade 4

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Area is measured in "square units."  The area of a figure is the number of squares required to cover it completely. Perimeter is the border or outside boundary of a two-dimensional figure. 
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Teaching Tips

If you are lucky enough to have a classroom floor that is tiled, try using blue painter's tape to mark off a rectangle in your classroom.  (Masking tape will stick and leave a residue; blue painter’s tape comes right off.)  Then have students walk their feet around the outside of the rectangle and count how many steps it takes to go all of the way around. (Making one step for each tile edge.)  This is the perimeter. To give every child a chance, make more than one rectangle and at least one square.  

Then have students each stand on a square inside of the figure to determine the "square" - the number of tiles required to fill up the area.  Your class will have fun keeping their feet in their squares and squishing close together to fill up the areas.

If you have carpet, allow students to use their rulers placed end-to-end to create some rectangles and squares.  You can mark these with painter’s tape or chalk, both of which will not harm the carpet.