Analogy Generator (understanding analogies): Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

Grades: 2-4 | Graphic Organizer | 2 pages
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Analogy Generator (understanding analogies): Vocabulary Graphic Organizer

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Students examine and create their own analogies. To introduce the concept of analogy, tell students that writers often try to use familiar concepts to help readers better understand a new idea. For example, in Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart, Vera B. Williams writes "Amber had a question worse than the meanest mosquito." The use of this analogy is meant to help the reader realize that, like a mosquito, Amber's question buzzed about her continuously. Work with the class to create and explain other analogies, such as "Tony's face grew as red as a ripe tomato," or “Shelby’s smile was brighter than a 100-watt light bulb."

Teaching Tips

Invite students to create their own analogies. Choose a different one to write on the board each day, using a blank line in place of a key word in the analogy. Challenge students to try to complete the analogy with an appropriate word. Discuss their answers.


Use this resource on your interactive whiteboard.


- Model to the whole class how to think about new words. Have students come up to the board and share their ideas using the digital ink. Then create an analogy together. A printed copy can then be used for independent work. Share analogies after students have finished.


- Use Analogy Generator as a morning activity. Display the organizer on the Interactive Whiteboard with a new word(s) from a read aloud or from a content area topic that they are studying, then have the students fill in as they prepare for the day in the morning. Discuss their new analogies before beginning your day.


- Use vocabulary as a way to activate prior knowledge and thinking about a content area subject. Add words to the Analogy Generator that center around the content area topic and have students think about those words and use them in analogies. This can lead into a discussion about the new area of study.


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