Reading Response for Fiction Graphic Organizer: Memorable Images (visualizing)

Grades: 2-4 | Graphic Organizer | 2 pages
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Reading Response for Fiction Graphic Organizer: Memorable Images (visualizing)

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Students record visual images and tell why those images were memorable. Explain that when readers visualize a setting, event, character, or action, they use an important strategy that helps them connect to the text and retain information and meaning. Invite volunteers to describe images they have visualized while reading a favorite story

Teaching Tips

After modeling how to use this organizer, have students complete it independently. Invite them to share their responses during a literature discussion.


Use this resource on your interactive whiteboard.


- Use each organizer on the Smart Board to teach and model how to look for and record memorable images while reading by using a read aloud story.


- Clone an organizer to have several pages in a whiteboard document. Leave the organizer up on the whiteboard during guided reading time. Have a guided reading group work together to fill in the organizer (Not during the time with the teacher).  Save the document and review work during your next meeting time with each group.


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