Writing Graphic Organizer: Satisfying Senses

Grades: 4-6 | Graphic Organizer | 2 pages
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Writing Graphic Organizer: Satisfying Senses

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To write effective, descriptive poems or paragraphs and to add powerful sensory language to stories, students need to employ words associated with the five senses. This organizer stimulates students to brainstorm specific language and imagery that leads to powerful writing.

Teaching Tips

Do a guided imagery that stimulates students’ senses. For example, simulate a trip to the beach in the classroom. Play a recording of ocean sounds, spread beach towels on the floor, fill boxes with sand and shells, and spread pictures of beach scenes and stuffed sea animals everywhere. As you take students on a mental journey, have them record what they see, hear, feel, touch, and taste. Invite them to use the experience to create poems or descriptive paragraphs.


Use this resource on your interactive whiteboard.


-  Create words that appeal to the senses and place them at the bottom of the graphic organizer.  The students can then drag them into the appropriate places. 


- This graphic organizer can also be used to pick out sensory words in a piece or writing or to encourage students to think about sensory words to use in their own writing.  Students can write the words in digital ink.  A great tool for whole class brainstorming


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