Writing Graphic Organizer: Nifty Narrative

Grades: 4-6 | Graphic Organizer | 2 pages
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Writing Graphic Organizer: Nifty Narrative

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This organizer assists students with writing a personal narrative about a special memory or event in their lives. The organizer is designed to help students add rich detail to their narratives to make stories come alive for the reader.

Teaching Tips

Individually or in small groups have students use the organizer to analyze an author’s personal narrative. Or ask students to become a character in a story and create a personal narrative from that character’s point of view.


Use this resource on your interactive whiteboard.


- Use on your Interactive Whiteboard to model how to fill in the organizer for a personal narrative or memoir piece of writing.   Students can then work independently on a printed version of the graphic organizer.


- Use a completed organizer on the Interactive Whiteboard to model how to use their organized ideas to create a personal narrative or memoir.


- Save the model and print it out to give to students who were not in class.


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