Matching Beginning Sounds: Picture Sorting for Phonemic Awareness

Grades: Pre-K-K | Worksheet | 21 pages
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Matching Beginning Sounds: Picture Sorting for Phonemic Awareness

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The ability to match words that share the same beginning sound is a first and sometimes difficult step in the development of phonemic awareness. This unit includes 15 pages of reproducible cards. Each page features two sets of four picture cards that begin with the same sound. The last six pages include difficult initial sounds to contrast because they are articulated in the same place in the mouth. Each page may be used as a picture-sorting activity or you may extend learning by having children sort sets of cards from different pages!

Also includes tips for assessment, lesson variations, word lists, and a five-day implementation plan!

Designed especially for pre-readers, these hands-on activities and games help children develop an awareness of sounds, which is essential to reading success! Children examine picture cards, say the names of the pictures aloud, and sort the cards by how the words sound (i.e. words that rhyme, words that begin with the same sound)!

Teaching Tips

For children who need more help, display only two picture cards at a time. Ask if the picture names begin with the same sound. (Some pairs can begin with the same sound and some with different sounds.) Gradually increase the number of cards!