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The Hesitant Hibernator: Fluency-Building Play (Animals in Winter) (Play)
Bears usually settle in their dens before the first snowfall and hibernate for the coldest months of the year, December through March. When hibernatin
Grade: 2-3, Subject: Animals, Topic: Animal Behavior and Structure
Hibernation: Thematic Song (Learning Activity)
Learn about animals who hibernate with this engaging song, set to a familiar tune!
Grade: K-2, Subject: Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Animals, Early Learning, Topic: Seasonal Themes, Animal Behavior and Structure, Songs and Rhymes
Time for a Nap (Hibernation): Science Homework Page (Homework Form)
Children explore the concept of hibernation by writing a story about a bear's winter dream!

Includes a note to parents or other caregivers...
Grade: 1-3, Subject: Science, Animals, Professional Development, Topic: Animal Behavior and Structure, Teacher Tips and Strategies
Hibernating Bear (Winter): Follow-the-Directions No-Cook Snack (Worksheet)
Snack time is snooze time for this tasty hibernating bear!
Grade: Pre-K-1, Subject: Reading, Health and Safety, Early Learning, Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Animals, Topic: Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Following Directions, Seasonal Themes, Bears
It's Great to Hibernate (Worksheet)
Students imagine they're animals hibernating and fill in the blanks to finish the poem.
Grade: 1-4, Subject: Language Arts, Topic: Writing
Winter Friends: Beginning Reader Science Play (Play)
Encourage children to bring in photos or magazine pictures of wild animals. (Or have old issues of nature magazines on hand.) On the bulletin...
Grade: 1-2, Subject: Animals, Topic: Animal Behavior and Structure
Wake Me in Spring (Learning Activity)
Where do bears and other animals go in winter? Help children understand with this project that animals have different ways of dealing with cold...
Grade: Pre-K-1, Subject: Animals
Daisy Coloring Activity (Worksheet)
Welcome hibernating minds back to springtime with this simple match-and-color activity.
Grade: Pre-K-2
Bookmarks: Patterns (Form)
Students will color and cut out winter-themed bookmarks.
Grade: K-3, Subject: Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Topic: Seasonal Themes
A Sleepy Surprise Draw & Write Prompt (Learning Activity)
Here's a fun connect-the-dots and writing prompt.
Grade: K-2, Subject: Language Arts, Topic: Writing
A Letter From Bear (Letter Poem): January Poetry Frame (Worksheet)
Pretend you are a bear that just woke up from hibernating. Write a letter to a friend. What will you write about?
Grade: 1-3, Subject: Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Language Arts, Animals, Topic: Seasonal Themes, Theme Days, Weeks, Months, Writing, Bears
Snooze-and-Wake Bear Art Project (Learning Activity)
Winter is here and it's time for bears to hibernate! With this unique pop-out card, children can wake the bear by opening its eyes and then...
Grade: K-3

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