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Johnny Appleseed Pattern (Learning Activity, Worksheet)
Students color, cut and fold Johnny Appleseed and basket patterns.
Grade: K-3, Subject: Science, Social Studies, Arts and Creativity, Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Topic: Biology and Life Science, American History, Visual Arts, Seasonal Themes
Johnny Appleseed: Activity Pages (Learning Activity)
Here are some fun activities to celebrate Johnny Appleseed's September birthday.
Grade: 3-5
Johnny Appleseed: Lesson Plan & Worksheet (Lesson Plan)
Grab the Johnny Appleseed Easy Reader Biography and use this lesson plan and worksheet to support your students' reading.
Grade: K-4, Subject: Reading
Johnny Appleseed Day Activities
"Johnny Appleseed" was born on September 26, 1776, in the state of Massachusetts. His real name was John Chapman, but he was given the nickname...
Grade: Pre-K-3, Subject: Social Studies, Topic: American History
Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!: Draw and Write Prompt (Learning Activity)
Throw a birthday party for Johnny Appleseed! This worksheet imagines such a party with a drawing and writing prompt.
Grade: K-2, Subject: Language Arts, Topic: Writing
Planting Seeds, Spreading Sunshine: Fluency-Building Play (Johnny Appleseed's Birthday) (Play)
Johnny Appleseed was born John Chapman in Leominster, Massachusetts, in 1774. He grew up on a farm with a large apple orchard. At the age of...
Grade: 2-3, Subject: Social Studies, Topic: Individuals, Groups, Institutions
Johnny Appleseed Puppet (Learning Activity)
Children make puppets with dried-apple faces to celebrate the life of Johnny Appleseed.
Grade: Pre-K-2, Subject: Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Topic: Seasonal Themes
Literacy-Building Booklet: Johnny Appleseed (Worksheet)
An engaging reproducible mini-book that teaches about Johnny Appleseed and develops concepts of print, vocabulary, comprehension, and more!
Grade: K-1, Subject: Reading, Social Studies, Topic: Content Area Reading, American History
Johnny Appleseed (September/Harvest Time): Famous American of the Month (Worksheet)
This American's tale is told in through a catchy, rhyming poem paired with a short, read-aloud biography. Includes tips and activity ideas for...
Grade: K-2, Subject: Social Studies, Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Topic: Seasonal Themes
Johnny Appleseed (Multiplication, Division): Tall Tale Math (Worksheet)
This engaging tall tale is followed by a set of problems that help to develop specific math concepts, and relate to the details in the tale!
Grade: 3-5, Subject: Reading, Math, Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Topic: Logic and Problem Solving, Seasonal Themes, Word Problems, Multiplication and Division
Apple Time Activities and Apple Stories Stationery (Learning Activity, Worksheet)
Apple time activities include celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday, apple vocabulary, apple writing prompts and apple stationery.
Grade: K-3, Subject: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Hobbies, Play, Recreation, Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Topic: Vocabulary, Biology and Life Science, Geography and Map Skills, Cooking, Seasonal Themes, Communities and Ways of Life, Writing, American History
Apple Activities (Lesson Plan)
Here are a few ideas to incorporate apples into your lessons. Use these for an autumn curriculum, or with a discussion on Johnny Appleseed.
Grade: Pre-K-3, Subject: Science, Topic: Agriculture

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