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Comparing Myths With Legends (Worksheet)
A worksheet comparing the differences between legends and myths.
Grade: 3-4, Subject: Language Arts, Reading, Topic: Literature Appreciation
Words and Their Histories: Words Based on Myths and Legends (Vocabulary- Building Practice Pages) (Learning Activity, Word List, Worksheet)
Help children build their vocabulary skills using words that come from characters in ancient mythology and legend. Students will be able to derive...
Grade: 4-6, Subject: Language Arts, Reading, Topic: Vocabulary, Word Recognition
Myth Wanted Poster (Genre): Independent Reading Homework Page (Worksheet)
Students design a Wanted poster for one of the characters from a myth!
Grade: 3-5, Subject: Reading, Topic: Independent Reading
Mythology Trivia: Reading/Lanuguage Arts Chart (Worksheet)
In ancient times, both the Romans and Greeks believed in gods and goddesses.The duties of these gods and goddesses were similar, but the names...
Grade: 5-6, Subject: Math, Topic: Charts and Graphs
It's Only Myth Believe (Subtracting Fractions): Fun-Flap Hands-On Math Manipulative (Worksheet)
Students choose the flap with their favorite mythical character, then subtract fractions! Features eight self-checking math problems plus easy,...
Grade: 3-5, Subject: Math, Topic: Fractions and Decimals
Ol' Paul, The Mighty Logger (Worksheet)
A worksheet relating the Paul Bunyan legend to the notion of exaggerations in everyday life.
Grade: 1-2, Subject: Reading, Topic: Reading Comprehension
The Trojan Horse: Play (Play)
Everyone knows the basics of the Trojan Horse myth! Use this classroom play to go deeper into the mythology in a way accessible to young readers.
Grade: 3-5, Subject: Religion and Philosophy
Atalanta and the Great Race: Play (Play)
Have fun with a discussion on Greek mythology with classroom plays. In this play, explore the myth of Atalanta and the Great Race while staging...
Grade: 3-5, Subject: Religion and Philosophy
The Gods and Goddesses Bake-Off: Play (Play)
Introduce the leading players in Greek mythology with this fun play.
Grade: 3-5, Subject: Religion and Philosophy
Echo and Narcissus: Play (Play)
Explore the myths of Echo and Narcissus while performing this play with your entire class.
Grade: 3-5, Subject: Religion and Philosophy
Loch Ness Monster: Reading Passage and Comprehension Questions (Worksheet)
Read an informational article about early colonial homes and answer comprehension questions.
Grade: 4-6, Subject: Reading, Topic: Reading Comprehension
St. Patrick's Day: Bulletin Board Ideas (Learning Activity)
Inject a sense of humor into this "day of green" as you study Ireland, limericks, and the myths of rainbows and leprechauns.
Grade: 1-4, Subject: Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Topic: Holidays

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