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The Silent Snake (Target Word - Fluttering): Perfect Poems for Teaching Vocabulary (Worksheet)
A structured approach to vocabulary building! The poem has an accompanying activity page, especially designed to help you help THEM acquire new words!
Grade: Pre-K-1, Subject: Language Arts, Animals, Topic: Vocabulary, Writing, Snakes
Big Snake, Little Snake (Finding the Difference): Addition & Subtraction Shoe Box Learning Center (Worksheet)
Children find the difference between two linking cube "snakes."
Grade: K-2, Subject: Math, Topic: Addition and Subtraction
Snake Pattern for Clay and Painting (Learning Activity, Worksheet)
Practice making a snake using clay or paint.
Grade: Pre-K-1, Subject: Language Arts, Arts and Creativity, Hobbies, Play, Recreation, Early Learning, Topic: Writing, Visual Arts, Cooking, Colors, Following Directions, Motor Skills, Shapes and Sizes
Snake Trail (Game Board and Pieces)
Use this snake as a gameboard with your own task cards or math problems.
Grade: Pre-K-3
Happy Snake! (Cut and Paste)
Cut these snake patterns from heavy paper. Assemble and display class snakes on a slithery bulletin board!
Grade: Pre-K-3
Slithery Snake Art Project (Learning Activity)
It's summertime and scaly snakes are slithering all around! These legless reptiles use their tongues to taste, smell, and feel??????and their...
Grade: Pre-K-2, Subject: Animals, Topic: Reptiles and Amphibians
Snakes! (Learning Activity)
This introduction to the wild world of snakes will help assuage common fears and misconceptions, while providing a great supplement to your reptile...
Grade: Pre-K-3, Subject: Animals, Topic: Reptiles and Amphibians
Sneaky Snake (Cut and Paste)
Enlarge or copy this snake pattern on colored butcher paper. Make it as long as you wish!
Grade: Pre-K-3
Scissor Skills: Snake - Cutting Spirals (Worksheet, Assessment Form)
Practice cutting out a snake, cutting spirals.
Grade: Pre-K-1, Subject: Animals, Early Learning, Topic: Reptiles and Amphibians, Motor Skills
All Aboard for the 100th Day of School: Snakes (Clip Art)
Use these colorful snakes with a railroad theme to brighten up your classroom for the 100th day of school.
Grade: Pre-K-6
Eagle and Snake (Clip Art)
A powerful image to add to your picture file or use for a classroom display.
Grade: K-5, Subject: Reading, Social Studies, Foreign Languages and ESL, Language Arts, Topic: Culture and Diversity, Bilingual Education
Sneaky Snakes Reading Activity (Worksheet)
This slithering story will build skills in following directions and story sequencing.
Grade: 2-4, Subject: Reading, Topic: Reading Comprehension
Draw a Snake: Following Directions (Practice Page) (Worksheet)
Help children develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, and perceptual motor skills by learning how simple shapes can be used...
Grade: K-1, Subject: Animals, Early Learning, Topic: Reptiles and Amphibians, Following Directions, Motor Skills
Snake Stuff (Color and Number Patterns): Differentiated Math Learning Center (Worksheet)
Students create a color pattern, transfer it to a snake picture of the record sheet, then determine the number pattern in their snake picture,...
Grade: K-2, Subject: Math, Professional Development, Topic: Patterns, Teacher Tips and Strategies
Play Dough Snakes (fractions) Game (Learning Activity)
Children segment play dough snakes and learn about simple fractions with this hands-on math game. Roll out a long snake of play dough (about...
Grade: Pre-K-K, Subject: Early Learning, Topic: Early Math
Snakes Alive - Parts of a Sentence: Naming Part (Learning Activity, Worksheet)
The naming part of a sentence tells who or what the sentence is about. Use these snakes to reinforce this understanding. Your children will enjoy...
Grade: K-2, Subject: Reading, Language Arts, Foreign Languages and ESL, Early Learning, Topic: Word Recognition, Grammar and Punctuation, ESL and ELL, Environmental Print, Early Reading, Early Writing
A Snake on the Trail - Long-a Sound (Activity Page) (Learning Activity, Worksheet)
A Snake on the Trail is an activity that explores the long-a sound spelled with the letters a_e, ai, or ay.
Grade: 1-4, Subject: Reading, Language Arts, Foreign Languages and ESL, Topic: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Word Recognition, Writing, Spelling, ESL and ELL
Sequencing Snake (Sequencing a Story): Writing Skills Lesson Plan & Graphic Organizer (Graphic Organizer)
This slinky snake is here to help young learners plan and write s-s-s-sensational stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end!
Grade: 1-3, Subject: Reading, Early Learning, Topic: Reading Comprehension, Early Writing
Snake Bulletin Board Pattern
Create a themed bulletin board using this reproducible pattern.
Grade: K-3, Subject: Language Arts, Animals, Topic: Writing, Reptiles and Amphibians
Fall - Snake (Pattern) (Learning Activity, Lesson Plan)
Use the pattern to make the perfect venue for practicing patterning, make a great game board, and play a snakelike version of tag.
Grade: Pre-K-1, Subject: Animals, Holidays and Seasonal Themes, Early Learning, Topic: Reptiles and Amphibians, Seasonal Themes, Early Math
Analyzing Character (You Really Take the Snake!): Hi-Lo Mini-Mystery Passages (Worksheet)
Is there a really a snake slithering around the Jacobson house? Stopping points in the reading and cliff-hanger questions keep struggling readers...
Grade: 4-8, Subject: Reading, Topic: Reading Comprehension
Long-a Word Snakes - Long-a Sound (Practice Page) (Learning Activity)
Look at the words on each basket and then use the letters on each snake to make new words. Students will write the new words on the blanks below...
Grade: Pre-K-3, Subject: Reading, Early Learning, Topic: Alphabet Recognition, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Early Reading
Yellow Snake (Clip Art)
Use on your classroom displays to highlight animal life in western desert regions.
Grade: Pre-K-2, Subject: Animals, Science, Topic: Reptiles and Amphibians, Earth Science, Seasons and Weather
Snake (B&W) (Clip Art)
Add this cute design to your classroom circus display. Use this cute to design in your discussion about the circus. Develop a circus mini book...
Grade: Pre-K-3, Subject: Animals, Arts and Creativity, Topic: Reptiles and Amphibians, Performing Arts

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