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The Zoo Book: Collaborative Class Book (Worksheet)
In this collaborative class book, children write about and illustrate a pretend sleep over with a zoo animal of their choosing!
Grade: K-2, Subject: Language Arts, Animals, Early Learning, Topic: Writing, Zoo Animals, Early Writing
Zany Zoo (Graphing): One-Page Math Game (Worksheet)
A zoo-rific, easy-to-play, math board game that focuses on graphing skills. Perfect for seatwork, as a send-home, or in a center!
Grade: 2-3, Subject: Math, Animals, Topic: Charts and Graphs, Zoo Animals
At the Zoo: Follow-the-Directions All About Me (Worksheet)
There are lots of different animals at the zoo. Children circle their favorite big animal, underline their favorite reptile, and cross out their...
Grade: Pre-K-1, Subject: Early Learning, Animals, Language Arts, Topic: Following Directions, Zoo Animals, Writing
A Trip to the Zoo (Worksheet)
Students find the pattern in this zoo-based poem, then fill in the blanks.
Grade: 1-3, Subject: Language Arts, Topic: Writing
Zoo Animals: Activities (Learning Activity)
Use the theme of zoo animals to encourage your students' vocabulary and research skills.
Grade: K-5, Subject: Language Arts, Animals, Topic: Research Skills, Vocabulary
Stand-Up Zoo Animals: Pattern (Name Plate)
Create these stand-up zoo animals to display on a desk top or be used as a name place card.
Grade: K-2, Subject: Animals, Arts and Creativity, Topic: Visual Arts
Zoo Reports: Reading and Comparing Activity (Worksheet)
Students read two reports that were done by two different students after a trip to the zoo and then compare and contrast them.
Grade: 1-3, Subject: Reading, Animals, Topic: Reading Comprehension
Amazing Animals Coloring Page: A Tiger at the Zoo! (Learning Activity)
Coloring Page: A tiger sits next to his food dish.
Grade: Pre-K-3, Subject: Animals, Topic: Mammals
Be a Bear (Opinion): Grade 2 Common Core Writing Lesson (Worksheet)
Pretend you are a bear who has run away from a zoo. You don't want to go back How can you get the zookeeper to agree with you?
Grade: Grade 2, Subject: Language Arts, Animals, Topic: Writing, Zoo Animals, Bears
Zero at the Zoo (Tracing, Writing, and Counting 0) (Worksheet)
Help children to trace and write the numeral zero and identify pictures with the number of items equaling zero.
Grade: K-1, Subject: Math, Early Learning, Topic: Counting and Numbers, Early Math
Through the Zoo (Counting Forward, Counting Back): Addition & Subtraction Shoe Box Learning Center (Worksheet)
Children become familiar with the concept of adding as counting forward and subtracting as counting back, as they make their way through a zoo!
Grade: K-2, Subject: Math, Topic: Addition and Subtraction
Perimeter and Area Zoo (Worksheet)
A shape doesn't have to be a square or rectangle to have perimeter and area. Animals in the zoo are difference shapes. Students look at different..
Grade: Grade 4, Subject: Math, Topic: Geometry, Time and Measurement

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