Buzz! Hiss! Hoot! Fizz!: Activity Page - Onomatopoeic Words

Practice writing onomatopoeic words that imitate sounds and use them to complete sentences. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Vocabulary Grade: 4 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets, Assessment, Forms and Record Sheets File Size: 280 KB

Product Details

Onomatopoeic words can be great fun to learn and use. Students are often attracted to these words and this is a perfect time to introduce them. Let them work in pairs to complete the sentences so they can practice the sounds the words make. It may get a little noisy! When you check these activity pages you'll have a good idea of who understands and who doesn't understand onomatopoeic words.

Teaching Tips

Use this worksheet for homework, vocabulary center, classwork or assessment.