Ears Hear Mini-Book

This mini-book is organized around popular elementary themes. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Informational Text, Early Reading Grade: Kindergarten - 1 Type: Mini Books NonFiction Author: Maria Fleming File Size: 164 KB

Product Details

This story includes repetitive and often rhyming language, and follows predictable patterns to help and encourage early readers. The book's illustrations closely support the text to provide clues for emerging readers in decoding words.

Teaching Tips

You may want to first use the books as part of a shared reading activity. Provide each child with a copy of one of the reproducible books. Working with the whole class, model a reading strategy as you move through the text of the book. For example, you may want to rely on picture clues or context cues to help decode text. Or, you may decide to isolate a phonics skill and offer a mini-lesson on it.