Follow the Footsteps: Independent Reading Graphic Organizer

This fun graphic challenges students to read a chapter and think about the main events and the order in which they happened. As children sketch or write about their books, they build recall skills and boost critical thinking and writing. See Full Product Description.

Subject: Independent Reading, Sequencing, Foreshadowing and Flashback Grade: 2 - 4 Type: Graphic Organizers Author: Anina Robb File Size: 68 KB
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Product Details

Graphic organizers help students construct meaning and organize their thoughts. This irresistible graphic engages kids to practice sequencing skills, develop recognition of key words that signal time-order, and build critical thinking and reading comprehension. Perfect for whole class instruction, independent reading, or writing workshop.

Teaching Tips

Encourage students to find a comfortable space when they read. Under a desk, on a pillow, and sitting against a wall are some favorite reading places.

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