George Washington Carver: Famous American Mini-Book

A reproducible mini-book with mini-bios, fun facts, activities—and super songs set to familiar tunes. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 4 Subject: Reading, Famous Americans Grade: 2 - 4 Type: Mini Books NonFiction Authors: Rose Marie Crocco, Agnes Dunn File Size: 262 KB
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Product Details

This book provides a variety of reading, vocabulary and writing activities to provide meaningful learning experiences; and songs set to familiar children’s tunes, to reinforce difficult-to-remember social studies content.

Teaching Tips

    * Use the books to introduce a famous American, or use as reinforcement for subject matter you’ve already covered.
    * Walk children through each page of the minibook and complete them as a group. Older students might be able to work independently.
    * Have children work in pairs to complete the mini-books, then have one child read the biography out loud.
    * Have children color the mini-books.
    * Invite children to bring them home and share with their families.
    * Copy the songs onto chart paper.
    * Sing the songs whenever you have a few minutes to spare!