Groundhog (A Compound Word Game): Teaching With the Best of Instructor

On February 2nd, Groundhog Day, we visit to our furry friends to ask about the coming spring. Extend the celebration by digging into a lesson on compound words with these fun-filled games and activities. A delightful memory game template is included. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Parts of Speech, Vocabulary, Reading Grade: 1 - 4 Theme: Groundhog Day, Winter Themes, February Type: Games and Puzzles File Size: 366 KB
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Product Details

Groundhog Day and the coming of spring inspires this winter unit based on everyone's favorite rodent: the woodchuck. You'll find a variety of creative word games to help students identify compound words and practice categorization skills. Provides the ideal springboard for a science lesson on the habits and habitats of mammals and different weather conditions with your whole class, small learning groups or centers.

Teaching Tips

Brainstorm a list of compound words with students, or divide the class into groups and see which group can list more within a certain amount of time.

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