Identifying Fact and Opinion: Independent Reading Graphic Organizer

This graphic organizer invites students to identify fact and opinion and to differentiate between them. Provides great practice in constructing meaning, classifying ideas, and building comprehension and independent reading skills. See Full Product Description.

Subject: Independent Reading, Reading Comprehension Grade: 2 - 4 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets Author: Anina Robb File Size: 47 KB
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Product Details

Distinguishing between fact and opinion is one of the building blocks of reading comprehension. This graphic organizer presents an important concept simply and imaginatively for students to strengthen reading comprehension, develop critical thinking, and turn your classroom into a magical place for learning. Perfect for whole class instruction, independent reading, or writing workshop.

Teaching Tips

Read Aloud several times a day. This shows your students how important reading is to you. Read Aloud will quickly become a treasure time in your class that neither you nor your students will want to skip.

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