My Fall Job: Literacy Building Booklet

Welcome autumn with this cut-and-paste mini-book for young readers.

Number of pages: 3 Subject: Early Reading Grade: PreK - Kindergarten Theme: Autumn Themes Type: Mini Books Fiction Authors: Lucia Kemp Henry, Suzanne Moore File Size: 125 KB

Product Details

Welcome autumn with this cut-and-paste mini-book for young readers.

Teaching Tips

Build students’ logical thinking skills with this lively guessing game. In advance, gather a knit cap, a pair of work gloves, a sweater, a box of leaf bags, and a rake. Hide the items or cover them with a sheet or towel before children arrive. During circle time, tell students that you are going to provide them with clues so that they can guess what you are thinking about. Remind them to be careful listeners! Then, reveal the hat and sing the song below to the tune of “Mary Wore Her Red Dress”:

Can You Guess?

Can you guess my fall job, fall job, fall job?

Can you guess my fall job?

I need a hat you see.

Discuss the types of fall jobs that require a hat. Guide children toward the conclusion that the job must be outdoors. Repeat this process, substituting hat with gloves, sweater, bags, and finally, rake. After each verse, discuss possibilities for the fall job. It won’t take long for children to guess the answer—raking leaves!