Reading Response for Fiction Graphic Organizer: Show or Tell? (analyzing character emotions)

Students differentiate between when an author shows and tells a character's emotions. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Reading Comprehension Grade: 2 - 4 Type: Graphic Organizers Author: Jennifer Jacobson File Size: 510 KB

Product Details

Students differentiate between when an author shows and tells a character’s emotions. Explain that in addition to naming the actual feelings of a character, authors often use actions or dialogue to convey them. Write emotions (sad, angry, happy, scared) on slips of paper. Invite volunteers to pick a slip and then use actions to show the named emotion while classmates try to identify it.

Teaching Tips

Have students use the organizer to assess their own writing. Did they show or tell how the characters felt in their stories?

 Use this resource on your interactive whiteboard.

- Keep this organizer up on the Interactive Whiteboard during and independent reading block after a lesson on identifying emotion in a story.  Invite students to write examples on the board as they come across emotions during the reading period.  Clone the page several times so more students are able to add examples.  Limit them to one addition as to not interrupt their reading too much.  Discuss the examples after reading time is over.

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