Taking a Spin (Game Spinners): Tiered Math Reproducibles (Grades 4-6)

This lesson begins with a one-page data sheet that students use to complete a reproducible tiered to their learning level: struggling, on level, or advanced! See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 6 Subject: Differentiated Instruction, Algebra, Data Analysis, Geometry, Time and Measurement Grade: 4 - 6 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets Authors: Martin Lee, Marcia Miller File Size: 685 KB

Product Details

Students compare, contrast, and analyze three different game spinners.

Skills Addressed:
• Solving problems about outcomes and probabilities using game spinners

Includes complete teaching instructions and tiered reproducibles to teach this lesson at the following levels:
- Tier 1 (struggling learners)
- Tier 2 (students who are performing on level)
- Tier 3 (more advanced students)

Teaching Tips

This lesson correlates to the following NCTM Principles and Standards for grades 4-6:

• Number and Operations
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Measurement
• Data Analysis & Probability
• Problem Solving
• Reasoning and Proof
• Communication
• Connections
• Representation