Tribes of the West
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Tribes of the West

In this set of activities, students learn about the Native Americans the pioneers would have encountered on their travels West. The resource includes a detailed map from the past, sign language the Plains tribes used, and a parfleche pattern. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 3 Subject: Native American, Native American History, Pioneers Grade: 4 - 8 Type: Maps, Lesson Plans Author: Susan Moger File Size: 160 KB
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Product Details

These engaging pages illustrate important parts of Native American life that are often missed. Resources include a detailed map outlining where various tribes and groups once lived across North America, sign language visuals and reading passage on Plains tribes' sign language, and a pattern to make a parfleche.

Teaching Tips

Take an opportunity to compare the map included of North America's past with present-day maps. Project onto an interactive whiteboard, and have students discuss what they notice.