Abraham Lincoln: Famous American

Our 16th president's tale is told in through a catchy, rhyming poem and a short, read-aloud biography. Includes tips and activity ideas for before, during, and after reading—plus comprehension questions! See Full Product Description.

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Abraham Lincoln grew up in a log cabin—and eventually became the sixteenth president of the United States. President's Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February, which is a perfect time to introduce students to this famous American.

The format of the poem makes the content easier to remember, and repeated readings will help students build fluency, comprehension, and work on various literacy skills. Teaching tips help you make the most of the material and provide ideas for lesson extensions in writing.

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Teaching Tips

Invite children to create their own illustrations for the poem. They can show a scene in the subject’s life and add a caption. Bind the pages together for a class book!