Autumn Sounds: An Emergent Reader Play

Read the play aloud to your class before they read it on their own. This will help to familiarize children with the play's content and action. Go over vocabulary that might be new to students.

Subject: Early Reading Grade: Kindergarten - 1 Theme: Autumn Themes, October, November Type: Plays and Reader's Theater Author: Carol Pugliano-Martin File Size: 55 KB
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Teaching Tips

Play a "Guess That Sound" game with your class. Invite children to pick a sound that they would like to try to simulate. They can choose crunching leaf sounds from the play or pick any other sound. Provide materials and containers for the children to make their sounds. (boxes, tissue paper, brushes, combs, pennies) For example, place dried beans or rice in a covered shoe box. When shaken, it makes a good rain sound. As one child shares his or her sound, have the rest of the class, with eyes closed, guess what sound the child has simulated. Then, challenge students to guess what the child is using to make that sound.