Back to School Activities Inspired by Kevin Henkes: Teaching With the Best of Instructor

Will I have friends in class? Will I fit in? These cross-curricular, cooperative learning activities based on beloved books by Kevin Henkes will take the edge off the back-to-school blues children experience and build essential critical reading skills. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 3 Subject: Classroom Management, Literature, Motor Skills Grade: 1 - 4 Theme: Back to School, Autumn Themes, August, September Type: Cut and Pastes File Size: 647 KB
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Teaching Tips

The Lightbulb Lab: In Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, when Lilly and her classmates are in the mood to think of great ideas, they go to the Lightbulb Lab and express themselves through drawing and writing. Set up a lightbulb lab for your students. Ask the children to draw and cut out paper lightbulbs. On their lightbulbs, they can write great ideas for making the classroom successful. Use the lightbulbs to decorate the lab and fill a bookshelf with exciting reference materials for sparking creative thinking!