Caught Being Great: Classroom Management

Reinforce positive behavior using this simple system to record and encourage students' achievements. This resource recognizes hard work, and gives students a chance to recognize others' behavior. Includes a suggestion for class lottery. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Probability and Statistics, Classroom Management Grade: Kindergarten - 6 Type: Classroom Management Tools, Forms and Record Sheets Authors: Tonya Ward-Singer, Bill Singer File Size: 177 KB
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Product Details

Rather than rewarding good behavior, this resource emphasizing recognizing students' efforts to work hard and build classroom. It allows you to record moments when students are "caught being great," and even encourages students to recognize their classmates' efforts. That these moments are captured in writing makes them something to refer to over and over. The printable includes a weekly grid to record your notes, and a suggestion for a management box that can help students decide on simple ways to celebrate their successes.

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Teaching Tips

Use these notes about positive behavior to build a bulletin board or class book to help students remember and recognize ways in which they make good choices in the classroom.