Clean Up Game Board

This fun game board can be used in many ways to teach far-reaching concepts like basic math facts, phonics, and vocabulary. Best of all, the game board's theme and included game cards inspire students to protect the Earth. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 4 Grade: PreK - 5 Theme: Earth Day Type: Games and Puzzles Author: Karen Sevaly File Size: 647 KB
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Product Details

Reusable game boards are a fun and flexible way to practice and reinforce learned skills across content areas, including
letter recognition, reading and saying words with specific vowel and consonant sounds, practice with basic math concepts, and enriching science and social studies units.

Use the game board and included task cards for partner work, in small groups, and in centers.

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Teaching Tips

To further encourage wise choices about protecting the Earth, consider laminating a few copies of the game board to reuse year after year.