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Editing Marks

Introduce students to these common editing marks and help them to improve grammar and punctuation while editing one another's papers. Editing marks remind students to consider their use of words, end punctuation, paragraph structure, and spelling. See Full Product Description.

Subject: Proofreading, Writing Process Grade: 3 - 6 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets File Size: 39 KB
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Product Details

Help students learn to proofread and edit their work thoughtfully with common editing marks they will use in school and beyond. Project these marks on an interactive whiteboard, hang up an enlarged copy, or provide each student with a copy to keep in their writing journal or folder. Discuss how students can use these marks to add more thoughts, to correct spelling, and to concentrate on grammar and punctuation.

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Teaching Tips

Encourage students to refer to these marks during writing. They are especially useful during peer conferencing.