Exploration: Francisca Hinestrosa (mid 1500s): Exploring America Play

This play tells about Francisca Hinestrosa, a Spanish woman who disguised herself as a man and traveled to America from Spain with the Florida expedition, undertaken by Hernando De Soto. See Full Product Description.

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Teaching Tips

The focus of this play is to broaden students' awareness of women's roles in American history. This play may be used in conjunction with your social studies curriculum. The readers' theater format will also bolster your language arts program; reading the play aloud will build students' oral literacy and reading skills. This play will also fit well into a thematic unit. You may want to put on a more elaborate production involving props, scenery, and costumes. Those students who resist performing will find that there are so many behind the scenes roles they can fill. Increase, or add, crowd scenes so students can be on-stage without having to undertake speaking roles.