Famous Women: Concentration Game

March is Women's History Month—a perfect time to study some of the amazing women in American history. Students will learn about women like Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea, Amelia Earhart, and many others, by playing this fun memory game. See Full Product Description.

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Product Details

Students will love to learn more about famous women in American history with this "Concentration"-style activity. Students match each famous women name card with the woman's achievement. Women include Susan B. Anthony; Clara Barton; Eleanor Roosevelt; Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Harriet Tubman; Amelia Earhart; Wilma Rudolph; Sandra Day O'Connor; Babe Didrikson; Helen Keller; Sojourner Truth; and Sacagawea.

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Teaching Tips

Older students can research and create cards for other famous women in history.