First Day Jitters: Teaching With Favorite Back-to-School Books

These great activities can be used with the book "First Day Jitters." Use them in your welcoming back-to-school exercises. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 5 Subject: Early Reading Grade: Kindergarten - 2 Theme: September, August, Autumn Themes, Back to School Type: Lesson Plans Author: Immacula A. Rhodes File Size: 908 KB
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Teaching Tips

As Sarah worked through the first-day jitters, her cat was there to sympathize with and comfort her. Do any students have a jitter critter—a pet, stuffed animal, or doll that comforts and helps ease their fears and anxieties? Invite children to tell about their jitter critters. Later, send them to the art center to draw, paint, or craft models of their special comfort critters to share with the class!