Frederick Douglass: Nonfiction Passage & Crossword Puzzle

This mini-biography and crossword puzzle build comprehension and vocabulary, and provide a window into the courageous life of Frederick Douglass, former slave and fighter for freedom who altered the course of American history. See Full Product Description.

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Product Details

Frederick Douglass was a gifted speaker, writer, and abolitionist. This informational text passage reveals the roots of the man who began life as a slave. Through his understanding that education was his passport to freedom, he became a fierce opponent of slavery and publisher of an influential abolitionist newspaper. Perfect for social studies, Black History Month, or American history units.

Featured vocabulary words include emancipation and extemporaneous, and the comprehension-building crossword puzzle makes it irresistible for students to improve skills with recognizing words, determining text importance, and solidifying their foundation for reading.

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