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Graphic Organizer: Follow the Clues

Making predictions is a key skill to deepen reading at any level and keep students engaged in a story. Help students keep track of, confirm, and revise predictions with this handy organizer. Includes instructions, examples, and reproducible. See Full Product Description.

Grade: PreK - 12 Type: Graphic Organizers Authors: Jennifer Jacobson, Dottie Raymer File Size: 1.4 MB
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Product Details

This organizer helps you teach and helps students learn making predictions and how to stay engaged during reading. Help students identify clues in a story to make, confirm, and revise predictions as they read, as well as draw conclusions while reading. The fun organizer encourages students to follow the trail of clues in a story to help make predictions. Includes objectives, instructions, examples for use with younger and older students, and a reproducible organizer.

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Teaching Tips

Model using this organizer as a class during read alouds, and keep a stack of copies available for small group work, partner reading, and independent reading.