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Graphic Organizer: What's the Main Idea?

Make reading and understanding nonfiction articles and expository writing fun with this fishbone organizer. Students will identify the main idea in texts, as well as the details that support the main idea. Includes objectives, examples, and more. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 2 Grade: PreK - 12 Type: Graphic Organizers, Interactive Whiteboard Activities Authors: Jennifer Jacobson, Dottie Raymer File Size: 1.2 MB
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Product Details

The clear objectives, lesson idea, examples, and graphic organizer will make it easy for you to plan and for your students to learn. Finding the main idea and supporting details are skills needed in schools and standardized texts, and need explicit teaching and reinforcement. This organizer will show you how to best teach both primary and intermediate students, and how to help students use supporting details to support the main idea they find.

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Teaching Tips

Extend this activity into your expository writing units as a planner or for students to peer edit.