Inside A Beaver Lodge: Science Manipulative

Students look inside a beaver lodge and find out where and how beavers build their homes.

Number of pages: 4 Subject: Early Science, Freshwater Habitats Grade: Kindergarten - 2 Theme: Animals Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets Authors: Donald M. Silver, Patricia J. Wynne File Size: 463 KB
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Teaching Tips

Beavers build their home or lodge in still ponds, also called beaver ponds. To create these ponds, beavers erect dams across fast-flowing streams or rivers. The dams hold back the water, slowing it down and causing it to rise. Soon the water is high enough to build a lodge. To make their lodge, beavers stack piles of wood and cement them with earth and mud. Inside the lodge, above the water line, is a big chamber where the beavers live. A small opening at the top of the lodge brings in fresh air for breathing. Beavers enter and leave their lodge through two underwater tunnels that lead in and out of the living chamber. Near one of the tunnel openings, beavers store tree branches for food in the winter.