Letter Cc: Phonics Pictures and Word Cards

Numerous learning activities and games can be made with these illustrations, word cards, and letter cards used for teaching the letter C to emergent readers. Play a picture-word match game, or create a Letter of the Day activity. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 3 Subject: Initial Consonants, Phonemic Awareness, Alphabet Recognition Grade: PreK - 1 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets File Size: 426 KB
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Teaching Tips

Use our Bingo reproducible to create a fun Alphabet Bingo game. Select one illustration representing the beginning sound for each letter and enlarge it on a copy machine. Include both consonants and beginning vowels. Ask each student to write a different letter in the squares of their Bingo card. (Tell students to make sure not to write the letters in alphabetical order, but rather place the letters randomly on the card.) Pull one of the letter illustrations and hold it up for each player to see. Ask students to determine the beginning letter sound and then to circle that letter on their card. Continue playing until one player gets a BINGO!