New Frog In The Pond: An Emergent Reader Play

This play does not require building sets, making costumes, or putting on productions. Instead, it offers an easy and inviting way to use the form of plays as a tool for helping young children enter the exciting world of reading.

Number of pages: 2 Subject: Early Reading Grade: Kindergarten - 1 Theme: Reptiles and Amphibians Type: Plays and Reader's Theater Author: Carol Pugliano-Martin File Size: 74 KB
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Teaching Tips

Ask children to imagine what might happen with the frogs after the play ends. What other things might the frogs do together? What kinds of adventures might they have? Use children's responses to add another scene or several scenes to the play. After reading your new frog play together, ask, "What things might you do to help someone new to your neighborhood feel welcome?" Use this information to write a new play together about a child who is new to their neighborhood.