Noisy Nora: Teaching Reading With Rosemary Wells Books

Nora had to wait... and wait... and wait for the attention she craved from her parents, who were trying to meet the needs of Nora’s siblings. Discuss the classic book and read it aloud with your students.

Number of pages: 5 Subject: Reading Comprehension, Literature, Word Families, Early Learning and Basic Skills Grade: PreK - 1 Type: Lesson Plans Authors: Rebecca DeAngelis Callan, Laurie DeAngelis File Size: 321 KB
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Teaching Tips

Before Reading: Invite volunteers to tell about a time when they felt left out. Encourage students to explain what they did about it, if anything. Share the book cover and read the title, and then ask children what they think is happening. Remind students to think about their ideas as you read, to see if their predictions are correct!