November Calendar Heading and Symbols

A decorative calendar title for the month of November accompanied by a blank calendar and symbols that are representative of the month of November. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 4 Grade: PreK - 3 Theme: November, Autumn Themes, Thanksgiving Type: Calendars, Charts, Signs, Labels File Size: 320 KB
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Product Details

A decorate calendar title for the month of November with depictions of a squirrel holding a nut and a turkey. The title is accompanied by a blank calendar, already labeled with the month name and the days of the week, and large decorative symbols such as a turkey, Cornucopia, pilgrim hat, squirrel, leaf, football, and a nut.

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Teaching Tips

Calendar title can be printed out, colored, laminated, and used as your classroom calendar title each year. Symbols can be used to decorate your classroom calendar, or compliment a November Bulletin Board. Multiple copies of symbols can be printed out and