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Open-Ended Questions Scoring Rubric

Use this resource to consider student response to open-ended questions. Includes a clear rubric for a 4-point scale, as well as an explanation of levels of complexity to help analyze student work. See Full Product Description.

Grade: Kindergarten - 8 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets File Size: 35 KB
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Product Details

Open-ended questions are among the most difficult to answer, and can be just as difficult to score. This rubric helps simplify the scoring process with clear definitions of each score. A complexity scale is also included to determine how complex students' responses are, ranging from using memorizing and stating facts to making a judgment with text support.

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Teaching Tips

Build meta-cognition by providing this rubric to students to analyze their own work. Students can work in small group to discuss others' open-ended responses and become more comfortable using this rubric to guide their work.