Our Mascot: Grade 3 Opinion Writing Lesson

This step-by-step lesson in Opinion Writing includes an introduction, guided and independent practice, a student assessment checklist, and more. Students write opinions and supportive reasons about what animal should be the school mascot. See Full Product Description.

Number of pages: 4 Subject: Persuasive Writing Grade: 3 Type: Learning Activities and Worksheets Author: Linda Ward Beech File Size: 736 KB
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Product Details

Scaffolding is breaking up learning into manageable chunks for early learners to chew on and then providing them with a tool for digesting each bite—or concept.

Here's the theme-based support you need to simplify opinion writing: a model that clarifies its purpose, an activity that motivates children to practice writing the genre, and reproducibles that reinforce Common Core skills.

Great for whole class instruction, independent learning, or homework.

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Teaching Tips

Tell students that a good persuasive paragraph usually has a concluding sentence. This sentence restates the writer’s opinion.