Proofreading and Punctuation Chart

Keep this chart handy when correcting student work. you can also copy and distribute to students to use as an instructional aid during writing activities. See Full Product Description.

Subject: Classroom Management Grade: Kindergarten - 6 Theme: Back to School, September Type: Charts, Signs, Labels File Size: 455 KB
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Product Details

This is a great reference for you and your students alike. Have this chart ready when correcting student work, so that you can note proofreading marks at a glance—and be consistent when grading.

This is also a great resource for students. Copy and distribute so they can refer to it during writing activities. They can use the punctuation portion when writing or revising their own work, and refer to the proofreading marks when doing peer review. They can also use it when reviewing your corrections and comments on their work.

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Teaching Tips

Consider posting in a prominent place in your classroom as a handy reference for students.